Welcome to Colombia Inside Out – your Gateway to information about the best of Colombia. You probably already knew that Colombia is the world's leading source of emerald and that its coffee is among the best in the world; however, it's the Colombian people who make it what it is. But, who are the most renowned Colombians, and what contributions have they made to the country?

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There are dancers, musicians and actors. Get the lowdown on the Colombians who have made important contributions - even abroad!

Radio, television and print media. Who are the people behind the microphones and keyboards in Colombia?

Learn about those who have put some colour into what they make and about those who make possible what designed on paper.

James is not the only sports star. Learn about many others who have succeeded..

Important Colombian writers have preserved language and traditions on paper. Who are they? Read all about it!.

Right, left or center. People who have changed the way the country is goveverned.