Essay of Alvaro Mutis.. In my opinion


Alvaro Mutis the example of excellence

Alvaro Mutis is a contemporary writer who possesses a cultural background that transcend countries by his specific strategies that he uses in his works also, he is considered one of the most important American writers. Alvaro Mutis is considered a brilliant writer because despite all the difficulties he faced, he shined brightly in the literature.

First of all, in 1956 he was detained in a prision in Mexico for 15 months, although this may have brought destruction to his career and his dreams, he never gave up and never hesitate to stop making literature, instead this event made his literature change in themes and characters. And that did not stop him from being successful and to rich his goals.

Alvaro Mutis did not finished high school; however, His adolescence was spent in shining and literature classes of the Colombian poet Eduardo Carranza. Alvaro Mutis affronted many moves to different parts, first he was living in Brussels and his father died so he had to change of school and go to Colombia, then he go to Mexico and other many places and he in each place he goes he take one important part of each place and applies it to his literary works. He takes every place no matter if it is disagreeable he takes them as an inspiration for his brilliant works. Memories of Belgium, so intimately linked to his father, and Coello , so close to his mother , transformed into his poetic world into two lost paradises and the contrast between the tropics and the cities of the old continent will be one of the main themes of his work

One of the reasons why Alvaro Mutis is so successful is because he likes what he so and he applies a lot of effort in his works. Alvaro Mutis has a different vision of poetry and he expend many years writing. His work is distinguished by a rich and interesting mix of narrative and lyrical and that makes him be so relevant for the world.

In conclusion this important character of Colombia was very important in the world too. He can be used as a perfect example of courage and intelligence because he knew how to do things. He was a very kind person that’s why he was great friend of other big writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquéz. Alvaro Mutis is a brilliant person because despite all the problems he has he never give up in his literary production and I believe that his perseverance and how he takes places as inspiration is the most important thing that everyone should learn.


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