Our Literature leader!

I have known many writers along history, but I think no one has had these special and unique things that Gabriel Garcia Marquez has, and from which I have learned. Being one of the most important writers in Colombian Literature, Gabo had also brought to literature history “El Realismo Magico” that is a literary trend in which reality is represented in an idealistic way, he was the first one that used it in an incredible way that other authors used this literary form too. He was very successful and very good in what he did, at his beginnings he had problems to get where he was, but he did it he never gave up on what he wanted, he wanted to be a writer and that's what he got.

The first thing I have learned from Gabriel Garcia Marquez is his imagination, the way he sees things, his point of view and the way he sees the works in a very different way than what we see. He sees the good things in life, a fantasy world with things that are not real but he made them seem to be so real. It wasn't a way in which stars danced or wind whispered, it was different in him. He created a whole new world for his readers and he did. And thanks to that he became one of the most important writers in the world that won a Nobel Prize in Literature thanks to his imagination and creation of things, new things.

Another thing I have learned from him, is his seriousness and his attitude towards things. He was serious in what he did to make things right for people to see him compromised on his work. His attitude was as bold as a leopard, he tried to take every opportunity that presented itself and that's how he got where he was. He was by himself trying to reach the only one thing that he wanted to do whit his life, he wanted to write starting little by little but those little things made him what he was. He was on target, to be a successful man. The last thing that I personally think is the most important thing I have learned from him its his discipline because there's nothing most important to reach something we want is to be a persevering and disciplined person because he tried in a lot of ways, he abandoned law school to do what he wanted to do, write. He put faith in his work and got higher than what he expected to be being the most successful writer.

In conclusion, I "have known many writers along history, but I think no one has had this special and unique things that I have learned from Gabriel Garcia Marquez, because after all I think we as people should learn this kind of qualities he has because he had them and look where he get in life, more than what he expected so I think that if we take this little things into account in our life's we could success and reach our dreams