I chose Pepa Pombo, a fashion designer. She wasn't only free because she was doing what she liked, she was also happy because she liked what she did. The whole process was really interesting, not only because I got to learn a lot more of someone's life, but also, through this process of getting to know the person more, I could stay with many good life lessons. This is why in this essay I will explain three of the most relevant things I learned while writing Pepa Pombo's biography

The first lesson I learned was how family is very important, and it shouldn't stop me from achieving my dreams. Pepa Pombo had her first son at a really busy part of her life, when she was kinf┐d of starting her professional career, but that detail didn't stop her from continuing prsuing her dreams and taking care of her son at the same time. I believe this is really important because sometimes people either forget about their families and just go to make their dreams come true, or don't take that chance because of their families.

Another thing I learned was how to use somethimg I am passioante for, and express it as a lifestyle. Pepa was passionate about fashion, and I am passioante about art. I know there aren't many oportunities of using art as a professional career, an opportunity like that comes once in a blue moon, but now that I know her lifestory, I am aware that using art as a lifestyle isn't impossible.

And also, I learned how to be enterprising, creating a new goal from every objective achieved. I like how Pepa Pombo not only worked really hard to achieve everything she wanted, but also she always kept wanting and achieving more, which shows how commited she was.
There are a lot of things you can learn from a person's life, but these three things are the ones that were more relevant on her life, the ones that somehow took her further and the ones that I want to apply to my life.