There's always a genious behind every story

Rafael Pombo, I could say a brilliant writer or may i say a autobiografer? well, this we will never know but i can firmly stuck to both of them.

A lot has been written about this illustrious Colombian, also known for his poetry, but he was a great poet or an autobiographer? in its vast poetic, journalistic and epistolary production, he write autobiographical pages in his diary, I must confess that in my opinion it was both, but here i will approach some excerpts of his life through his great legacy, Poetry.
This Colombian of the Creole aristocracy was born in Bogota in 1833 and died in 1912. At that time as it was a praxis, that Dona Ana Rebolledo his mother, he taught his little firstborn Rafael the first letters, it seems that the penchant for poetry was born into he since a little child, and at the age of ten he had copied poems and translations in a booklet titled literary pantheon.

 One of the main qualities apart from the originality of this genius of the Spanish language, was cultivated all genres of literature, it was easy for him given his qualities, which the literarily listed as characteristics of the perfect seer, move from the romantic school the classic, from the ode to the epigram, fable and fairy tales to heartfelt eulogies and carve cuarteos and admirable sonnets.

My first reading, how could I forget it, from there I understood that the feelings can be manifest itself in different ways, words, verses, rhyming and with emotion, and through fables like this conveys to us a teaching council and as snatching us a smile reading we get closer to the culture and creativity, that the big was Rafael Pombo.

His great inspirations in his works, God, nature and the woman, her fervent Catholicism he manifests it constantly in his verses, "and who gave me the feelings? and these two eyes that he gave me to see so much wonder, and enjoy watching? God. " For me,Pombo managed with his unsurpassed faith be an example to follow, teaching through his poetry that when we have God as a reference in our lives nothing will be impossible to achieve and if we make our actions a praise to his name our faith It will.