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Literary Arts: William Ospina

Our Colombian culture should be something we are all  incredibly proud of; People who are aware of the beauty that resides inside every flower and every soul are people who have a lot a to teach our society. William Ospina, is one of them, who with 61 years old  has shown the Colombian society the beauty of its country from very different angles through the letters of his essays, novels and poems. His passion towards our traditions has made him one of the greatest contributors to the Colombian literature and culture and one of the people I have learned the most from.  

William Ospina has dedicated most of his professional work to give his motherland the value it deserves, even when its own people start despising it just because  they don't know yet the thousand of existent motives to be appreciative. He's taught me how to recover pride into my country. In books such as “America Mestiza” he's taught me to love my roots, to love where I come from, to love my traditions, to love the history of my country and my continent, to love the yellow  sun, the blue oceans, and the red blood that the soldiers gave as an exchange for freedom.

He has offered me a great reflection towards the society I live in and the society which I am part of,  both positive and negative aspects. He's shown me that  “ We – as Colombians-still don't have the country we deserve.” He's encouraged me to make a change because we've wasted the amazing country we have, and that's the way it is, and that's the way he says it without beating around the bush. He has taught me the story of my country the way it is, he has taught me the way avarice and corruption have led this country's society into ashes. I found very interesting he has dedicated to show the positive aspects and to show the people that they should be really proud, but he has dedicated also  to make us realize what we are doing wrong. Showing the bad things  is important as well, otherwise years and years will keep passing and we will still remain the same.

Ospina might not be the most recognized Colombian author, or maybe he has not won thousands of prices, but I still consider he is one of the most successful and admirable Colombian authors. I realized he doesn't do what he does  for the prices or for the acknowledgment . He does everything because he wants to transmit his message and his reflections to as many people as it is possible, because the passion he feels towards his literature encourages him to dedicate all his time to his traditions. I admire him for not being afraid of saying what he thinks, for showing Colombia’s both good and bad side. One of the things he's taught me and that I appreciate the most is to never loose faith in my country, to never throw the towel while trying to make a change.

Everything he's done for Colombia makes him one of the greatest contributors, not because he has given us international acknowledgment but because he's made all Colombians realize about the magic country we own, and I believe that's worth even more that an important award. Everything he has taught me has made my vision of my country different because I don't wanna leave this country in order to escape the problems, I want to make the problems to escape form my country, because I want to stay, and make a change, and feel proud, because I'm Colombian.

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