Some of his works include:
  • Calicalabozo-1966 (short story)
  • El Silencio-1964 (short story, his first)
  • Pronto-1976 (short story)
  • Noche Sin Fortuna-1976 (novel, unfinished)
  • ¡que viva la música!-1977 (novel, considered his most important piece; also, his last)
  • Angelitos empantanados (play)
  • Recibiendo al nuevo alumno-1967 (play)
  •  La piel del otro héroe- 1967 (play)
  • Las curiosas conciencias-1966 (script)
  • Angelita y miguelangel-1972 (script)
  • Los imbéciles están de testigos- 1967 (script)
  • Ojo al cine (articles and film revioews, he was the editor)



Andres Caicedo, an emerald in the dark

"Living beyond 25 would be a shame.”


Although his life was short, Andres Caicedo managed to impact the Colombian youth during the 1960s. He broke all the existing precepts for cinematic journalism and film making, bringing the term Caliwood to life with the creation of El cineclub de Cali. He also influenced the works of some of the most important Colombian writers like Rafael Madiedo (Opio en las nubes) and increased the importance of both film and music amongst Colombians.

Early life

Andres Caicedo´s early life was that of a typical Colombian kid living in one of the biggest cities in the country. He was born on September 29 1951 in Cali, Colombia, and died March 4 1977 in Cali, Colombia after committing suicide at age 25. Caicedo discovered his passion for literature and cinema at an early age after which he devoted his life to writing novels, short stories, plays and scripts. His parents Carlos Alberto Caicedo and Nellie Estela raised him, along with his 3 older sisters. His younger brother Francisco Jose having died at age 3 when Caicedo was still young. He attended Pio XII School where he began writing at age 9. His first short story was El Silencio followed by award winning Los dientes de Caperucita.


During his 15 years as a writer he was honoured with various awards. Caicedo was awarded first place in numerous writing competitions, but his most notorious award was the second place ribbon he won in a contest held by Latin American Magazine La imagen de Caracas. His play Angelitos Empantanados has been represented in the Matacandelas theatre for over 10 years.


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