Guillermo Cano:

His Passion


I remebember the first time when I heard about Guillermo Cano. It was in a soap opera about Pablo Escobar, the man who ordered kill Cano. Since that novel I became interested in Cano and his life. Guillermo Cano is a man that you can learn a lot of things, his passion, his interest, etc. Guillermo was a man who you can learn about him, his moral, his ethic, his imagination and his perseverance.

The most interesting thing that I learned about Guillermo is that he never threw in the towel. He was the man that doesn't care that all the country was threatened, he attacks in his new paper the narcotrafic or corrupts politicians. He was the light of the Colombians life, because he was not afraid for the threats in all the country. This quality not all the people have, and this is something important to be successful.

One of the thing I learn about Cano is his ethics and moral, you can see it in his works and in his rapport with his audience. Everyone that knows something about Guillermo Cano is conscious about his ethic and moral, and that for him this was first before anything. He doesn't cares that the mafia threat him or try to corrupt him, he was still attacking the mafia and the corruption in his newspaper until he was murdered. This was the beginning of the end, because this make the society start reacting about the internal problems of the country.

Guillermo Cano has an incredible creation and inspiration writing his articles in his job.One of the best friends of Cano declares the one of the biggest talents of Cano was the imaginative for creating the title of an article. He affirms that Guillermo could create the title in seconds and easily. Obviously the titles wasn't his only talent, he was excellent writing articles. He has a lot of talent, but he loves his job he has passions. In fact he was passionate as a poet in love. Not everyone loves what they do, and this is important to be a successful person.

In conclusion the three main reasons that make Guillermo Cano a successful person and that i would like to learn about is that he never give up, was a correct person with his ethics clear and that his has an imagination and a passion for write. Like i say at the beginning of this essay Guillermo was a man who gives his life doing what was correct and was he love.




Guillermo Cano's Biography


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