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Jorge Hernán Peláez Restrepo,  was born in Januray 29th of 1943, in Cali. He lived there until he was 13 years. Then, he moved to Bogotá where he studied at San Bartolome De La Merced School. He graduated as a bachelor in 1961.

He showed his first interest in radio in a youth championship called “Radio Modelo” in 1964, when he was still at the American University where he studied chemical engineering.

He was outstanding in this championship because of his knowledge and passion for football.  He graduated from the American university in 1967 and practiced the profession during almost 10 years, in which he worked in “ESSO” and “Carboquimica”.

From 1980 to 1987 Hernán Pelaez presided the Colombian Association of Journalists and Broadcasters of Bogotá. At the end of the eighties he was presenter of the “Noticias 1” program and at the beginning of the nighties he was part of “Tele Deportes”. In France Worldcup, 1998, he did the program “Goles y Maestros” with the company of Jorge Valdano and Francisco Maturana. Then, through 2000 until 2002 he worked in Canal Caracol in a section called “tribunal Caliente” which was also about football. In 2004 he won the “National Simon Bolivar Journalism Award”.

Love what you do, do what you love

Later, between 2005 and 2007, Hernan was part of “Los tenedores  del futbol”. Almost every work he have had was related with football, which was his passion since he was child. He practiced this sport at a young age and is fan of “Deportivo Cali”. Also, he is one of the few Colombian journalists who has covered eight WorldCups.

Mr. Pelaez is married with Beatriz Andrade with whom he had three children, two boys and one girl. Nowadays only one of them, whose name is also Jorge Hernan Pelaez, inherited his vocation of social communicator and now works for “W Radio”.  Even though his life may sound very easy, in 2011 he was diagnosed with bone cancer. However, his illness didn't interfere with his work on his radio programs, which during the six months of treatments he did from home.

Currently, he works as a columnist in “El Espectador” newspaper. He also directs “La luciernaga” and “El Pulso Del Futbol”, two programs managed by Caracol Radio. In 2013 he retired from “Café Caracol” program in which outstanding football representatives are interviewed but, this year he decide to return.

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