HernŠn PelŠez is a well-known Colombian journalist. Since he was very young, he showed interest in football and, when he was at the university he participated in a little championship which he felt it called him, there he demonstrated his abilities in radio for first time. Now he is 72 years old but, I personally think he took advantage of every day of his life. I consider HernŠn deserves the place where he is now because, despite all the things he is been through, he has still followed what he likes. He is an admirable person who people should learn from because I did.

Even though HernŠn PelŠez graduated from the American University with a degree in chemical engineering, profession he practiced during 10 years, this was not the profession he decide to follow. It wasn't what he liked and, he was brave enough to restart in a totally different career, which is not a easy decision. I like the fact that he took that risk because, for that moment he didn't know if he was going to succeed in radio business but that was what he liked. He held all the aces when making that decision. Now he is not only in an exceptional job but, he also loves what he is doing.

His interest in football continued throughout all his life. Almost every job he had, since he became an official journalist, was related with football. He has covered eight world cups which should be an amazing experience. Taking into account he began in “Radio Modelo” championship and now is part of one of the most successful channels in Colombia, directing his own programs, and works in one of the most successful newspapers, El Espectador, he is an admirable person. HernŠn represents the statement “success is slow”. Since the very beginning, in the smallest job he had, he gave everything of him. He was a talking machine even though the audience was small.

In 2011, 1210144HernŠn had to deal with a big battle: bone cancer. It's  astonishing the way he managed it plus the fact he didn't stop working. During six months of treatments he developed his programs from home. That's loving a lot what you do. Everyone knows to succeed you must never throw in the towel; however, when you have to face such a big problem and obstacle stop fighting sounds like the best option. I love he did never lose hope. I use to complain every time about many little things but from HernŠn’s experience, specially his attitude towards his cancer, I learn I have to value everything I have and find solution to each problem it comes.

 To conclude, I reiterate my admiration towards HernŠn Pelaez. He has been a great representative of Colombia but, he has also developed  lots of qualities as person. A prominent journalist, Colombia’s great exponent, the best at what he does and the strongest survivor. I'd say an exemplary life.


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