Leo was born in Aracataca in 1917 and in Bogota in 1998. He was considered of the most admired Colombian phtographers and cartoonest and known internationally for his well done works wich were published in outside countries.


He traveled to Bogotá for the newspaper in El Tiempo and frequentedthe bohemia life of coffewiththe most famous painters and cartoonest in the 1930's. Matiz started to adopthefotography and consolidated in Colombia a graphicreporterreputation,takingwelldesignphotoswithhisfavoriteRolleiflex camera.

Profesional Career:

Obsessed with his meantime work, Leo traveled to the five continents and overturned his talent into a cinematic design, advertising photography, newspapers creator, and founder of many galery arts. Passing the years, Matiz achive to exhibate some of his art works in countries like America, Japan, Venezuela, Spain and France, were he recieved the awardChevalier des Arts et des Lettresfrom the French Goverment in 1995. 


Cultural Contribution

From his work, Leo Matiz was one who contributed the colombian culture in the outside and proved that an artist could come from any place. Nowadays his art work still remain and are considered masterpieces ;therefore, exhibated in many Colombian museums and other countries.



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