A whole paradise inside photography


The first time I heard from Leo Matiz I was 13 years old. I saw some of his art works in museums that put me if I were in a paradise inside of them! Leo Matiz was not just a great artist; therefore, was a person who could transfer his feelings to his work. His stairway to the top was not easy, it was needed effort, time and sacrifice to achieve it.


Leo Matiz was a dedicate-passionate artist that didn’t consider the photography and cartoons as a job, but as his hobby and the only way he could express himself to others. This is something that called my attention when i was reading his biography because that means he was not a sociable person and that is something that also happens to me nowadays. Talking about his art work, there are some aspects that I want to stand out from him. Although he could do awesome works as other artists, his unique style is out of someone´s league in comparison with other artists, for the reason that he puts dedication, feelings and effort in what he is doing. This could be something I also want to do in my life, stopping being pessimistic and start to put effort, dedication in the things I do. Not just in school but in my daily life.


Leo´s life wasn’t that easy all the time. He fought since his childhood to achieve his dreams and put him the top. Matiz was born in Aracataca, 1917 in where he lived about exotic landscapes and needed to survive with the habitants by banana cultivation. Leo found that he liked photography and bought his first camera were he liked to take lots of pictures of landscapes; therefore, he was invited to travel to Bogota and worked in a photography project with El Tiempo, where he started to show his works to other people whom like them and started to publish them in all cities. This was the start of a new life to Leo as if he had been reborn. I found this very interesting, just the way a simple countryman could change his life forever; moreover, to pursue his life doing the activity he liked.


The last but not least thing I learned from Leo Matiz was the kind of person he was. Although he was not a sociable person, he was very kind and respectful not only with his close people but also with other artists that did the same as him. This quality has to be admire in an artist because this demonstrates that he is a formal person, have character, and his respectful with others. That’s something I must recognize and learned from him, because if I move to another country I’ll to be proud saying that in the country for which I used to live in, has respectful and hard work people.


Leo Matiz was a Colombian hard work person that demonstrated to the world that Colombia also have good artists. His unique style in his artworks, the way he reached the top and the kind of person he was are not just things I admired and learned from him, but that he left to the entire world with all his art pieces. To me he sent a message to the whole world, “good artists can come from anywhere, the thing that values is their qualities and effort on the things they make.”




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