Resultado de imagen para fotos leo matiz

life throug the lens of a camera

Biography of Leo Matiz

Resultado de imagen para fotos leo matiz

Leo Matiz  was born in a litle village in Aracataca the first of April of 1917.He grew up as a normal boy of the  time, but when he became a teeneager he traveled to the metropolis of his country (bogota). In there  he remained for some years in wich  he met some important cartooners and painters that  propel him to his career, but the real reason he became a fotographer-cartooner was because  Enrrique Santos demanded him to adopt this. Leo publiched his firts jobs  in Santa Marta in 1933, unfurtunatedly his job did’t became popular or important until he publiched his job in important magazines such as “El tiempo”and””El espectador “   the next year. After this he went  to some other american countries to show his neewborn  job.

He resived some akwards trow out his lifel ike for best reporter in mexico in 1945 , or the one he recived in Itaky in 1996, but this weren’t  all the gains he had in his life. He did also showed  his work in MOMAC that is  the acronym for museo de  arte moderna in Mexico,create a fundation in 1998 , and opened a galery  in colombia that became the cultural center in Colombia.

Some of the  most important problems that Leo had in his life  started when  he was forced to leave Mexico and came to came to Colombia because of an  accusation of plagiarisim.A year after he got to the country  he get hurt in an asult, unfortunatedly it never rains but it pours ,because  some years later he  looses his left eye in a  riot. Because of this he  quits from fotography and  he refuges in a farm at the limits of the Bogota citye for some years.

Leo matiz did’t retun to fotography until a  model in atnas inspireds him to retun to the game in 1996. Some years later he recived an akward in bogota as the most important Colombian fotographer from the 20th century. Finally he dies in 1998 thanks  an epathic  disease.


In what way is Leo an inspiration for me?