What did I learn about from Pirry?

What have I learned from a controversial journalist like Pirry? Guillermo Arturo Prieto La Rota is a Colombian Journalist; Pirry is famous for his work and his opinions around our country. Guillermo Arturo Prieto La Rota was born on the 3th of May, 1970, in the cold city of Tunja, Cundinamarca, in a very close and warm family. His father was Jaime Prieto, his mother is Clara La Rota and his two youngest sisters are Maria Del Pilar and Sonia Prieto La Rota. Pirry in all his life has  performed a million jobs  that are important and relevant for Colombia and for journalism. He has won many awards for his work. Pirry being so short is as tall as a giraffe for his Intellectual abilities, his capacity for  expressin  his opinions and creating opinins  that involve Colombia. I have seen many journalists in my life, but 1 have learned, from Pirry things that have made him successful. One thing I have learned form Pirry is his courage for saying everything he thinks. Pirry as we know is a journalist famous for his controversial ideas and his way of saying everything he thinks. Pirry is like a lion  for his courage.  Pirry has worked with many different topics that hasn't been talked in Colombian and that created many controversial thoughts and also wicked feelings in some persons in Colombia. Pirry has involved himself in topics that can be considered as not well received among Colombian population. I think this is a great quality because this shows that he has opinions and that he has a voice. Also doing this he has shown the Colombian population aspects that never are talked about, and that are relevant to all of the people of Colombia.

Another thing I have learned form Pirry is the ability to show others what you think and your opinion. Pirry has created many different shows in which he has showed his opinions and his ideas towards topics that involved Colombia. When he explains his ideas he acts like Professor Snape, this is because he is really serious and compromised with everything he does and speaks.  I think that the way he explains all his ideas is the best way because doing this he has informed everyone in Colombia and he has created opinions and thought in the topics he talks about. This is a great ability and quality because it has helped many people realize many things and it has informed many people that want change Colombia.

The last thing but not the least one, is his interest in making a change and improving many things in our country. Piny is on target to try to make a change in Colombia. Pirry has developed many things to show what is happening that is affecting Colombia and that is creating the wrong environment in our country. He has expressed his opinion. He has made reports on things that happened around the history of the country and that nowadays are still having an effect on something. His enthusiasm and his desire for making a change have made him a famous and a very important person in the Colombian journalism world.

 To conclude, Pirry has many qualities that all of us have to implement in our life if we want to make a change in our country. For me these are the qualities and things more relevant that I have learned from Pirry. We have to learn something from everyone; we all have qualities that together can construct good things that can improve our life.

© 2015 Mariana Torres