The perfect photographer

This proyect was made with the purpose of showing the world the best colombians out there and their lives, expressing admiration to their best produccions and criticising thir desitions

Ruven has born in 1959 in Bucaramanga, Colombia, and is the son of Enrique Afanador, who sold watches also, being an antique collector, and of Isabel Peña, who was a teacher at a nearby school. He studied some of his first years there. Since he was very young he always liked fashion magazines and cinema, although he saw a movie for the first time when he was 12. In his neighborhood there was one of the most important photo studios of Bucaramanga, where he went to see how they took photos and their technique. In 1972, when he was 14 years old his parents decided to move with the whole family to harbor springs near Michigan. He used the basement of their house to start with his photography projects. After he graduated from school in harbor springs they went to Maryland, Washington. There he started his university career where in first instance he chose business and administration, and then passed to arts. After that he went to New York and sometime later to Milan where he could find the true artist within himself.

His mayor inspiration is to be able to capture the essence of his home, Bucaramanga and Colombia, in most of his photographs where he sees the place that saw him grow until 14 and he doesn’t deny in his works that he has a Latin-American feeling inside which made him stand out from the other photographers wherever he went. Also he expresses his admiration for another Colombian that is very well known worldwide, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who just as Ruven, reflects his culture in his work.

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