The perfect photographer

This proyect was made with the purpose of showing the world the best colombians out there and their lives, expressing admiration to their best produccions and criticising thir desitions


He has an amazingly useful characteristic that has made possible his status as a worldwide known photographer, and that is the dedication he has had through his entire life. He hasnīt always known what was best for him but he had loved arts since he was young and knew that business and administration wasnīt for him; thus, he began a carrer in arts. Also the love for his country made him go even further and the love for what he does made him who he is today. In conclusion, he has a different style for taking photos that some describe as astonishing, something that canīt be achieved easily nowadays thanks to his patriotism that has taken him really far in the world of arts.


What I've learned from him


ĐJuan Pablo Castillo 2015