Direct your life

Sergio Cabrera is the most brilliant director Colombia has ever had. I'm not saying this only for his awards, but also by his unique way of thinking. He started making films to contribute with a change. He wants to help society, so  he use films to create a revolution, to make people think differently. We should all learn from him that we can all contribute to make the world a better place, no matter how small your actions are.

One of the reasons of my admiration to him is his belief  in a world in which wealth is distributed more equally, this idea came to his mind when he studied in China (Pekin) he was just 10 years old, there he learned communism. He thinks this is the key for a better world and he says people who had apply it hasn’t do it properly. Sometimes the remedy is worst than the disease.

One of the things I learned from Sergio Cabrera is that in the worst moments is when you should be more patient and work harder to reach your objective. When he started developing movies at Colombia and people didn't wanted to see them because they where not American films he didn't give up.

During his career he hit the nail on the head with his film “La estrategia del caracol” which was a way to criticize society.  He makes a critique of society through a comedy and drama film, which is about injustice and the different social groups. I admire the way he is not afraid to show what he thinks. Sergio Cabrera says life is a film in which you are the protagonist, so it is your choice if you want a happy or sad ending. I learned that we should all take risky decisions in order to have a happy ending.  He said on one interview: “what are you more afraid of,  to regret or to stay with the desire?” 

Some people have considered Sergio Cabrera’s films a piece of art and others have consider it a different way of seeing reality, but I personally think he is a man which experiences had lead him to the creation of this films that are consistent with his ideals of changing society  and to reach equity. This are the reasons why I consider Sergio Cabrera the greatest film director that have ever existed in Colombia.                                              




                          Copyright Paola Andrea Bravo Carreņo 2015