Simon Brand, The most succesful Colombian film director.

His Biography.

My Opinion About him.

Simon Brand is one of the most famous Colombian film directors and producers in the world. His effort and passion for films and videoclips, has taken him to the place he is. Now, he is one of the Colombians that have conquested Hollywood with his talent on movies and has become one of the most successful Colombian. But, how Simon Brand succeed in his life?

He strated his carrer with little things like videoclips for local bands, for example at the age of 16, he make a videoclip for the song "Igor y Penélope" from a band from Bogotá called "Pasaporte". Then, at the age of 18 he directed the videoclip "El Velo" from the Colombian Band "Estados Alterados", which became the first Colombian artist video to be transmitted through the Music Television (MTV). Now through his carrer, he has directed several videoclips for artists such as Juanes, Celia Cruz, Shakira, Calle 13, and others.

He has made a big effort to be where he is now. Step by step he tried to be recognized in the world. When he moved to the U.S his first job was doing voice-overs. That passion for doing what he liked has made that he can moved on. As he wanted to be recognized in the world, more than 40 companies has recogized his job and be on target with Coca-Cola, BMW, AT&T, Pepsi, Nabisco, DirecTV, Apple, etc.

All the movies he has made have a good quality of production and for that he was nominated to several Grammy's, MTV Awards, and Clio. This has also mada that he was named in 2006 none of the most influential Latins by TIME magazine, this same magazine said that the movie "Paraíso Travel" was one of the best Latin-American movie for the last decade.

To conclude, I believe that Simon Brand is one of the most successful Colombian that for his effort, his passion, for following his dreams, and his creativity he is now where he is, in the top of the Colombian film and has left Colombians name and talent in the top.

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