Yamid Amat

Knowing more about a simple journalist...


In 1941 Bogotá, José Yamid Amat Ruiz have born; furthermore, Colombian society have not expected he will be a support for us. Yamid Amat is a recognized journalist around world because of the fact of contribution he have made. He also create another vision toward the career of journalism including new aspects such us radio station or programs for the different entertainment process of Colombian society. Yamid Amat have been recognized as the person of most contributions make to Colombian based on a serious of criteria. This criteria turns around the fact of who he is, what contributions have he made and what awards have he won because of this contributions.

Who I am, how I start?

Yamid Amat make his basic education at the “ Colegio Salesiano en la ciudad de Tunja”. After going out of the school he make his College at the Airlie Institute in Virginia in the United States of America. When he come for making his college he start thinking about what he really want to study; moreover, he start choosing the journalism because of the fact that in Colombia this job have not really exist in an official way. When he come from the United States he start his first job at “Emisora Monserrate” at the 1960s. Time has passed and Yamid have been recognized the program called Rcn called him for joined them for the new program called “Radiosucesos newscast.”

Effort brings up success When Yamid start working with Rcn he bring up new opportunities for building who he really is, at the same time we work in the radio Bogota brings up the chance for directing El Bogotano newspaper. For 1980 he was called for directing the tv program called Contrapunto that was actually a controversial way of taking account of different opinions make by Colombian society; furthermore, in this year he start working with Caracol Radio that was the other and most important national program having up the privilege he became the news director for the different programs and sections created at news. In 1990 he was nominated as the director of the news in Caracol program for this year Yamid Amat crated the idea of a program that expressed what actual society brings up such as social problems,economic or political based on personal opinions and facts.

In 1991, he co-founded the CM& newscast, broadcast on weeknight on the channel called Canal Uno. Having the privilege until 1998 and 1999 he became the director of this program and part of owner of it he start the planing of creating a new radio station. Three years later she founded Radio Network in which his purpose was expressing what Colombian society make in a current day; moreover, when the radio was recognized Caracol radio buy and absorbs the radio station he start working again with Caracol. In the years 2002 to 2007 he continues working with company, but also he continues with cm& and his column in the newspaper based in Bogota.

Awards construct our character? For the first part Yamid Amat order form the Colombian congress the grade of knights cross; furthermore, when he won the awards Yamid thinks the way in which he could help Colombian society with social methods.The first step was creating in the different programs a method for listening the community, and creating ways for solving the problems. When he created this option he was the winner of the journalism award by the CPB( círculo de periodistas de Bogotá). When he already see that the way of growing up as a journalist and a Colombian citizen he won the award of the CPB three times more because of the contribution to Colombian society. After the option of growing as a journalist he won nine times the Premio Nacional dé Periodismo Simón Bolívar. Yamid Amat created the way for contribute inside and outside Colombia by the support of the foundation called UNICEF;furthermore, he was the boy in-charge of the vaccinations campaigns in Colombia.The statistics of UNICEF shows up that Yamid Amat help almost 1000 child that at day have not medical support. For other instance he help poor child in the different communities in Colombia by toys, schools sources and also medical supplies.

To conclude, Yamid Amat is consider by Colombian society as a boy who is able to created changes in different perspective; furthermore, he start thinking about us when he realize that our country is build by everyone and if it is possible to add he goes over having money or being in a denominated high class he created ways for helping inside- outside Colombian society.



What did I learn from him?