Andrés Cepeda

Who is Andrés Cepeda?

Andrés Cepeda was born on 7 of July of 1973, in Bogotá Colombia. He was the youngest brother of five brothers. When he was little he always was involved in the subject of the music, he liked a lot to play instruments as piano. But it was just a few years later when he started about his musical career.

When he reached his 5 years old, he started playing the piano at his school where teachers started noticing the great talent he had; consequently, he started making performance at his school and also sometimes singing at performances. Here is where everything started, when Andrés started with his love to art, to music.

But only after a lot of years in the music he started his gold years. In October of 2008 he made a new album titled ´´Día tras día´´, which won gold disc in just 8 weeks of been released. Also Cepeda was nominated to 4 Grammys and won one on 2013 for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album with his album ´´Lo major que hay en mi vida´´, he also have won 5 awards Lo Nuestro and worked as the vocal coach in La Voz Colombia on 2014.

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