Andrés López is one of the famous comedians in the history of Colombia, and he has been an inspiration for myself. Additionally, he has taught me a lot of things that I could and should apply on my life later on.


Firstly, studying experiential education of human behavior helps me express myself and everything I think of someone on a respectable and proper manner. It is very important for humans to realize that one of the components of success are achieved by the help of different people around us. Knowing the behavior society has on a specific characteristic of life, help me manage every situation life gathers me with absolute patience, prudence and intelligence. This is how Andrés López does in every situation life might give him, and it is shown on his famous DVD ”La pelota de Letras”.


Secondly, Andrés has taught me that every achievement or goal should be accomplished with dedication and optimism. I can see every result of this ideal in his prices. Andrés López achieved more than 20 awards, both internationally and nationally. I learned that I need to give my best shot in every aspect of to obtain every dream I have since I was a little girl.  Despite the fact life can bring me different and abundant mishaps, dedication is the weapon that fights against difficulties, and helps me achieve each day the prize of success. I think that is the essence of heroes; they will never give up. On my own opinion Andrés López is a shining star, who stills bright and light my path with his life’s example.


Thirdly, Andrés has also thought me that studying the history of his own country, on this case, Colombia, enriches my knowledge, and make me understand why things are on the present the way they are. Sometimes I just think; Wow! Colombian families are very funny because of the way the act with the problems Colombia has in every aspect. Now that I see all the investigation Andrés followed to understand this kind of behaviors’ pattern, I understand better why my country is the way it is. With this investigation, I know why I behave the way I do. I understand how society influences me, and makes me see some aspects of life the way I see it. In addition to all these benefits, I also learn about the culture of my country, and that makes me more educated, makes me have more knowledge. In my opinion, knowledge is like the roots of a plant: its function is hold her. That is the way Andrés uses his studies, applying it in career, and life. I hope I’ll never forget this important lesson he gave me.


Studies, dedication, and, optimism. Simple words Andrés applies in his life every day, and simple words I want to start applying to my own. Andrés López is one of those people who shows that Colombia has things to provide to the world. All those things that maybe the outside cannot see, or even Colombians themselves. I can conclude these are basically the things I learned from Andrés López.


© 2015 Gabriela Aguirre