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Colombia has more than 1,025 folk rhythms; for this reason is why in Colombia there are a lot of musicians, singers and songwriters. In Colombia you can hear different type of music like:  pop, cumbia, rock latino, fandango, electro pop, vallenato, salsa, bachata, champeta, merengue, reggaton among others. One person of this group of musicians is Cabas; he is a recognized singer from Colombia, because his music is characterized by a variety of different types of rhythms and different types of music such as: Fandango, Cumbia and Pop latino.

The rise of a folk star

Andres Mauricio Cabas Rosales (Cabas) was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, on 7th of October of 1976. He is a musician, singer and songwriter. His father is Eduardo Cabas de la Esprilla, a musician and composer himself, he began teaching Cabas music at the age of five. When he was six years old he began to study the piano and percussion. His former teacher at the Colegio San Carlos, Helbert Ballestas, was an inspiration from he; he also helped Cabas with the idea of blending Colombian and rock music.

Reaching stardom

In 2001 Cabas produced the song “Mi Bombón”, this song makes him to be recognized nationally and internationally. Doing this song proved him that mixing Colombian folk and rock music was a good idea, because in the following three months later the song topped the local charts of Colombian music. Seeing these results, he began recording his first album, this one was released in 2002.

Worldwide Recognition

With his first album he reached several international nominations like: Best New Artist at the 2002 Latin Grammy Awards, MTV Latino Awards of the year, Best Rock Performance of the year Award and Internet Pueblo Rock Video of the Year for “ Tu Boca ”in the Premios Lo Nuestro. Finally in all this years he produced four more albums, his second album was released on 2003, the third one on 2005, the fourth one on 2008 and the fifth on 2010, also these albums were a success; therefore, he received awards for most of these one´s. 

Currently the live of folk star

Finally he presents his new single "Somos dos," with a new musical production  “Grandes Exitos " in which it collects his most famous songs like: “Mi Bombón”, “Ana María”, “Tu Boca”, “La Caderona”, “La Cadena de Oro”, “Increíble”, “Bonita”, among others. This music is what has made him success in Colombia. Also with this music that he produced proved to be one of the great ambassadors of Colombian music and one of the contemporary Latin American songwriters with greater impact internationally. 



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How is Cabas an inspiration to me?

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