Colombian people has heard about Andres Mauricio Cabas (Cabas) one the most famous singers and songwriters. Personality I heard about he when I was between 10 or 11 years old, the song that I heard was “Bonita” one of the most recognized songs from he. From this moment until know I heard his songs and I think that I learned different types of things that can make me successful or can help me when I become older.

He was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, on 7th of October of 1976. His father is Eduardo Cabas de la Esprilla, he began teaching Cabas music at the age of five, he also began studying piano and percussion. This inspires me because he began to study what he like when he was a little boy and I think that also is time to began thinking or looking for the things I like and began studying it and doing what passionate me like Cabas do it, he is a hot shot.

Cabas produced the song “Mi bombón” and this song was recognized nationally and internationally. When he begins looking for what kind of music he wants to play he decide with his former teacher, Helbert Ballestas, to mix Colombian folk and Rock Latino. The problem is that most of people say to he that was a bad idea, but he never thinks that, on contrary he always has a positive mentality and always said that all people were going to like it. At 2001 the song “Mi Bombón” was showed to the society and it has a very good result, all people liked a lot and they like the rhythm it has, he shows to the people that say to him that this type of music was not going to work, that his idea funtion because he always thinks positive. For this reason, I think that Cabas is a very good example of person and that’s why I admire he.

The last characteristic that I learned from Andres Mauricio Cabas, is that he always works hard to obtain what he wants, he is a person that do his things be his own, he does not like that someone do what he can do, that’s why he become one of the great ambassadors of Colombian music and one of the contemporary Latin American songwriters with greater impact internationally.

Finally, this ones are the reasons I think that can help me to be successful in live when I become older, and also are the reasons why I admire he and why I follow his career.


Copyright 2015,  Maria Paula Ochoa