Juanes encourage me to take the bull by the horns and to play the guitar and sing. Hearing him, I started getting some inspiration to take guitar lessons. When I was a kid, I wanted to be like him. Not kidding exactly like him. I knew all his songs, album names and his personal information. Wow that’s too much. When I was younger, I liked to investigate about people I admire. In this case Juanes. Without his appearance in my life, I would not be who I am today.

His dedication made me a better person.  My mother always taught me all the values I could learn. When I told her I wanted to be like Juanes, she said me: “If you want to be like Juanes, you need to be dedicated to your work”. Since that moment I understated what dedication is about, (something people never thought would happen). Appling this to my life, was definitely the best decision I ever had. This would be hard, but I wanted to become responsible in my life and change in some way.

Juan Estebanīs rebelliousness makes me the person who I am. Since I hear him, I started being another person. When I was doing homework, my guitar started talking to me saying: “Play me!”. Was weird.I that moment didn’t understand, but I was preferring to play the guitar instead of doing my assignments. Was rebelliousness without any doubts. This not necessarily a good aspect to emphasize.

Concluding, Juanes contributed in these aspects through my whole life. From inspiring me, to teaching me dedication and bad habits. That is why I always will admire him, because despite everything bad to say about him, I would defend him and he would be always my idol. Having plenty to choose, I choose him. I consider Juanes as the best Colombian musician of all time.