Marlon Mareno

Marlon Moreno was born in Cali on May 18, of 1966. He is a great Colombian actor, and it has been part of many novels and movies in Colombia and abroad. This Colombian actor had received many awards and honours for his roles; thus, that described him as an excellent actor.

Early Years

His inspiration to become an actor was discovered in his brother, Ricardo Moreno, who was the first one in the family to choose the acting as a profession. Unfortunately, he had no luck. When Marlon was 14 years old, he became part of the theatre school group. His acting career started. He worked as: taxi driver, messenger, bank teller and photocopy employee to finance the studies, and fulfil his dreams. His family was always there giving support to Marlon Moreno’s projections. Although he has had two relationships without success, he is currently married with Laura Puyol. He has four children, (Gabriela, Brian, Luna and Samuel Moreno).

First Roles as an actor
Marlon started his studies in the Dramatic Art School, (Valle University), then he was in Bogotá, in the arts and performing sciences school. Finally, he went to Mexico, tod the  America de Puebla university, and to Paris, there he finished a body language and voice workshop. His debut on the big sceen was a Paco, on the novel Gente Fresca, in 1995. One year later Marlon filmed three more novels, where his role as Victor Leal stands out novel, La Mujer Del Presidente. His role as Victor Leal was the one who gave the leap to fame.

Important Roles

After his role on “La mujer Del Presidente”, Marlon Moreno’s career shot up. In 1997, he acted as Antonio J. Charry in “Sin Limites”, then throw 1988 he acted in  “La Dama del Pantano” , as  El Apache. He was gone for two years. His reappearance came to 2001, as “Dr Santamaria”  in the novel,  “El precio Del Silencio” . His more important roles were: ( Ciro Berna , in  Pandillas Guerra y Paz ;  Raul ,  La Saga Negocio de Familia ;  El Titi ,  Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso  and in the movie  “Soñar No Cuesta Nada” ). His more recent roles had been in:  El Capo 3  as Pedro Pablo Leon Jaramillo, and in the movie  “Corazón de Leon” .


Marlon had won two India Catalina awards, in 1988 as best supporting actor, (La Mujer del Presidente), and in 2010 as best series actor, (El Capo). He had won four Tv y Novelas . The first one in 1988 as best revealed actor, (La Mujer Del Presidente ), then in 2009 as best actor, (  El Ultimo Matrimonio Feliz ); in 2010 as best actor, (El Capo 3 ). He had won four international awards in: ( Spain, Brazil, Mexico and United States).

© Juan José Lozano

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