Marlon Moreno the man behind ''El Capo''

" The lord of performance"

Many people have inspired me. One of them has been Marlon Moreno. He is an rolemodel for me. Marlon arrived to my life when I was eight years old. The first time a saw him acting was in the movie, "Perro come Perro", like a serious actor, able to personificat any character in any situation. Although the most of the characters personification he had done were related with narcotics, he is an outstanding actor that has a lot of characters to act, and in that way provide it to the public. Marlon Moreno has some characteristics, (besides form the studies), that provided him the impetus to become in the person that we all know, and that makes him an example to follow  for me. 

Marlon Moreno is about to bw fifty years old, and certain people think that he is in the beginning of the end of his career; however, this statement is false, because he is on target with the acting every single day that pass. Every tme that Marlon Moreno acts I can analyzed his style which is encoded by his gaze. Although he always  represent serious actor, that glance is present on his face in any action he does.

Recently I have analyzed the action style of Marlon with other actors, and I found a similarity between him adn Alfredo James Pacino, better known as ´´Al Pacino´´. Marlon Moreno has the same face features as ´´Al Pacino´´, because both characters have the same temper when acting, a confidence and serious one. With no sweat these two outstanding actors involve the public in their personifications characters to the point where they become the best. However, this temple is not always relate with serious personifications, because they demonstrate the same feature in any scene  they act.

In previous days I talked with Marlon Moreno´s daughter, Gabriela Moreno Toro. She told me that one of the main physical features that made part of her father style was the carriage of the body and color of the voice. She tall me that Marlon's body always act in an upright way, and the color of his boice was gravely. These characteristics at this stage in the game still persist in Marlon essence.

My opinion about Marlon Moreno don´t have limits. He is dedicate to his profession, becasue when he has a role to act, the script comes to life, and it become to an experience person with a personality and a nature different to others. Although Marlon is getting old he is an exceptional actor, and is an example to follow for me, because his legacy,(movies,novels), will be remember.

© 2015 Juan José Lozano Otálora