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First breath on music

Santiago Cruz Velez is a Colombian artist who was born in Ibague, the 1st of February of 1976. Firstly he was driven on the road of music by his mother, Fabiola. He lived his first 17 years of his life in the same city, studying and taking military service. When he finished school he decided going to Bogota (Colombia capital) for studying Finance and International Relations in the university ‘Externado de Colombia’ and simultaneously he dedicated time to his one true vocation, music.

First steps in music:

In 2003 Santiago had the opportunity of publishing his first album “Solo Hasta Hoy” and also his first single called “Una Y otra Vez”, with these two real steps in the world of the music he could realize that his dream of being a recognized Colombian artist wasn’t far away. His second album was published in 2006 and it was named “Sentidos”. In 2009 Santiago published his third album ‘cruce de caminos’ which had the signature of SONY MUSIC. In April of 2011 he filmed in a theatre of Bogota his first acoustic DVD which included 11 songs of his last album and also an unpublished song. His fourth album was published in July of 2012.

Awards and social care

In 2008 Santiago along with Carlos Vives and Andres Castro, had the honor of receiving the Latin Grammy of that year. In 2010 the album ‘‘Cruce de caminos’’ was nominated in Latin Grammy in the category of ‘‘mejor album cantautor’’, and also the same album won the Price of ‘‘Los 40 principales España’’ for Colombia. In 2011 he received disk gold and platinum but even better he received his first golden disk in the international category. Santiago Cruz has been characterized also for being interested in social care, one of the latest social work he made was for ONU in 2014, in the campaign ‘‘Colombia respira paz’’, for this event he participated with Ines Gaviria and more artist who performed a presentation in the theatre ‘‘Julio Mario Santo Domingo’’ for kids of low economic sources. We can see reflected on Santiago Cruz the ideal artist, because firstly he is representing Colombia with his big talent that impact everyone and second he also cares about society, with his effort he has become one of the best artist of Colombia.

What did I learn from Santiago?


Copyrigth: Laura Tussó 2015