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Sofia Vergara is a well-known actress and model in America, and mostly because of the roll that she develops at the known TV show called “Modern Family”. She is a comedy actress and was discovered as a model in a Colombian beach, her homeland. Sofía Vergara was born in Barranquilla, Colombia on July 10/1972, in a Roman Catholic family, to Margarita Vergara Davila de Vergara, a homemaker, and Julio Enrique Vergara Robayo, a cattle producer for the meat industry. She has five brothers and sisters. She began to learn English at a bilingual elementary school, then initially studied dentistry at a university in Colombia, but she left the career to pursue opportunities in modeling and show business. She subsequently moved to Miami. Then a terrible accident came, where her older brother Rafael was murdered in 1998, during an attempt to kidnap him. We can say the vein runs through the family as her cousin and adopted sister, Sandra, is also a television actress in the United States.


Sofia started her career when a photographer discover her at a Colombian beach, and instantly he offered the job as a model and the work at media. Her first appearance in media was at a commercial by Pepsi, at the age of 17. This was widely broadcast in Latin America. At the age of 20 she started working as a model in Colombia, then she hosted some series that made her one of the most famous persons in Latin America and gave vision ofher at the United States.

She was photographed for posters and swimsuit calendars, in 1998, 2000 and 2002. Sofia was under an exclusive television contract with Univision for several years, and after it expired, she accepted a role with the ABC network in the United States, where she started working at the famous tv show “modern and family”.


Sofia had been married once and engaged 3 times. In her marriage with Joe Gonzalez, they had a child born in 1992, and they got divorced in 1993. Her second engagement was with the famous Nick Loeb, however they didn't get to marriage when they finished their relationship in 2014. Following the break up with Nick, Sofia started dating the well-known actor Joe Manganiello, and nowadays they are engaged and soon to marry the 22 of November of the present year.

In 2000, an endocrinologist discovered a lump in Vergara’s neck and she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Since then she has had surgery and radiation therapy and takes medication daily to control her metabolism. Vergara also created a foundation to help families in Colombia cope with cancer.


Sofia has a lot of achievements for working as a model or actress in tv roles, like in 2011, Sofia was named the new face of Cover Girl, with the first advertisements appearing in January 2012, and in 2011, it was announced that Sofia is designing a clothing line for Kmart targeting soccer moms and appeared in a number of commercials for Comcast's Xfinity brand and State Farm. These are just very little examples of what she had achieved through years of work. We had seen that Sofia is a well-known person that has contribute a lot to her homeland, Colombia with foundations and with the culture that she shows every time, even when she speaks people can tell she is Latin. She is a very well actress, model and we can tell a very good person for what she has done for others.


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