"La Totti"

A Star to admire

How we see Sofia Vergara, a funny and gorgeous woman. We may see her as a perfect human being with no worries. She has a son and a beautiful family, she has recently became engaged with Joe Manganiello and they will get married the 22 of November of 2015.

But not everything is in rosy life. Sofia Vergara has had several tragedies in her life. Her older brother was kidnapped and murdered in Colombia, and her youngest brother has been struggling with the addiction of drugs. She says when ever she talks about those topics : "When have the responsibility with a kid and a family, you canīt give the luxury of getting depressed". And this shows how brave she has been, and this is one of many other reasons why i choose her for my project. Only in those words she inspires many other persons and women to keep going, even when life gets hard. In 2000, and endocrinologist discovered a lump in Sofia's neck and she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

She was only 28 year old and she says: "When you hear those news at only that age, the first thing that passes threw your mind is death, how you are going to die." But she make it threw the surgery and radiation therapy, although she needs to take medication daily to control her metabolism. After she passed threw these things, she created a foundation to help families in Colombia cope with cancer. As you can see Sofia is not a perfect human being, she has passed and grew with all this difficult situations, this proves that she is an incredible person and also we have to recognize that Sofia has contribute with Colombia in many ways, by the different foundations she has helped lot of people.


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