How is Sonia Osorio a person worth of  admiration?

I think being inspiration for people is the biggest reward someone could ever get. Knowing that somehow everything you have work for, everything you have fought for and everything you have sweated blood for wasn't in vain and meant in one way or other something in someone else's life. Furthermore, having the capacity of inspiring people turns you into someone who is admirable and you might think it is easy, but i can certainly affirm admiration doesn't come easy and neither it comes free. So the real question is the following: how are some character worth of admiration? And finally this is the question I asked myself every time I think of people such as Sonia Osorio.

How is Sonia Osorio a character who is worth of admiration?

The first reason that passes through my mind when I think about Sonia Osorio as a parson who I admire is the fact she turned her life into an art which showed the world a completely different face of our country, an art who left aside the horrible stain which was consequence of drug dealing and all the blood it left behind and what sadly once in history was the only thing the world recognize about Colombia. Her ballet was the last shot opportunity Colombia had in order to show the world Colombians were passionate, dedicated, hard workers and talented and not the people with lack of patience who thought money and success didn't demand hard work everyone else used to think we were.

Another reason why I can consider Sonia Osorio someone that is worth to be admire is the fact her impeccable discipline was one of the main reasons that took her to be such a successful person who developed such a successful life. She knew that without discipline the only thing you have left is mediocrity and with mediocrity nothing will be worth the effort. She was just the living proof of someone who learn by heart the philosophy of “hard work pays” and led her life through it.

Finally I believe other good reason that makes me proud of admiring her was her dedication and creativity, which took our Colombian culture to most of every single corner of the world. Sonia was not only loved, admire and known in Colombia but also she was a worldwide artist till the point she became a global ambassador of Colombian folklore. She figured out a new way of showing our Bambucos, Pasillos and Currulaos to people that we would never have imagine would dance and smile to the beat of them.

To conclude I believe Sonia Osorio’s life can be consider a role model that it's going to teach you many things that can be useful the moment you decide to become someone who's little actions will change bigger things, and if you put close attention you will realize life isn’t easy and that if you want to 1) be remembered 2) be admire and 3) be inspiration for others dedication, discipline, sacrifice, creativity and perseverance is just third of how hard you will have to work and there are not going to be shortcuts or easy outputs that would not demand effort.

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