"We didn't come to complain. We came to work."

Out of making Alvaro Uribe Velez´ biography, one of the most distinguished politicians in Colombia , I realized what were the cardinal actions that led him to progress in a country that was considered even by its population as hopeless. Along this process I have learnt from Alvaro Uribe things in order to accomplish my goals in life.


Although fear is a common feeling, it sometimes restricts us form the greatest pleauseres in life an unique experiences. Alvaro Uribe had several political positions plenty of them during a short term, yet that wasn´t a hindrance for him not to accept to take them. As insignificant as things can seem some of those moments where we start, most often are the ones that stick with us the most during our lives, due to the fact that they are the ones that teach us the most and of which we can make the most profit for our careers.

Criticism has been present all through Uribe´s career especially during his most important époque, being president, yet instead of these critiques chagrining him they just made him reevaluate his proposals in order to improve them and make a better country. People criticizing our actions is a par for the course, but we must not relinquish to our dreams, not build hate towards them, We must accept things as they come either negative or positive because most times there is no way to overpower them, and facing those circumstances will make us stronger and more determined.

Uribe's objectives and expectations for his government were towering; hence, there was great difficulty to fulfill them. One must have ambitious mentality in order to progress and succeed. No matter what obstacles may come each person should be willing to surpass them in order to get what they want like Uribe´s phrase during combat "We didn´t come to complain. We came to work". I believe there in nothing better than feeling fulfilled with one´s actions, for which I think perstistence is the key to thrive and feel content with oneself.

How to be successful cannot be taught, but sure there are things that each person can learn in order to flourish just how I did from Alvaro Uribe and his political career. Knowing about someone else´s life can make you reflect on yours making it clearer what your vision for it is. When being such an admired and outstanding politician as Alvaro Uribe you get to inspire people like he inspired me