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Jorge Eliecer Gaitán was without a doubt one of the most important politicians in Colombian history. Most likely, every Colombian has heard about him; however, not everyone has realized how trascendental the impact he had on people was. Furthermore,  the legacy he left in our  countr ycan be crucial for the developement  of the natrion in the future, if we apply it correctly. Therefore, Jorge Eliecer Gaitán is a real role model for colombians who want to make a difference in the country, beacuse he showed us that preparation, hard work and determination lets you achieve whatever you want.

Gaitán succeded in his career regardless ofhis origins and conditions. Comparing the magnitud of his achievements with the social and economical situation he went through in his early life, Jorge Eliecer Gaitán is a clear, real life example that the only thing that matters for accomplishing  your dreams and aspirations is within yourself, and that external situations are not an obstacle if you don´t let them. Gaitán's determination was pure iron, and nothing in the world was able to corrupt it or break it on his way to change Colombia´s history.

As mentioned before, his hard work and determination led Jorge Eliecer to the status he achieved in Colombia. He prepared himself with effort and constancy, studying hard in universities of high prestige. For this reason, a really important lesson  that we can trake out from this magnificent politician  is that our dreams and aspirations are achivable, even if they are changing a whole country. Gaitán's dreams were yelling for him to make them reality, and he was able to do so. This proves that we can also reach the goals that we establish for our life.

Apart from all his achievements in his politician carrer, another interesting fact about him is worth mentioning: his ability to convince and relating to people. He of course had really viable ideas, and the best intentions to change Colombia; however, a politician needs more than that to rach people, and Gaitán sure had it. With all these people by his side, his goal of making a difference in the country was becoming reality, because he had the ideas and the support he needed.

Jorge Eliecer Gaitán (


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