Everyone talked about him as if he had been a celebrity; unfotunately, I didn't know him. Years later, around the year 2012 my father talked to me about Andrés Escobar Saldarriaga who wasn't alive, but deply remembered by hooligans of Atletico Nacional who thought he was inmortal and expresed on rags, tatoos, t-shirts, pictures, songs and many things. That  showed me that me that he was maro alive that dead. Andrés was seen as a gentleman who always keep people´s hope alive. He was a fighter who will not be forgotten easily. Escobnar, my idol an example to follow.

Andrés always had a clear goal of being a soccer player. Each day after school he palyed at the neinghborhood fields where people saw him. One day Fransisco Maturana saw his soccer and called him to play for his team. Andrés played in the fist team headline and showed he would give his life defending his colours. Playing on target on matter of days he was an idol. Andrés always fight for his dreams and ad a clear goal.

As a player of the biggest team of Colombia, Anrdés played the most important tournament of the continent, The Libertadores Cup. The team started the cup being on the second position of the group; however, the rest of the cup was win after win up until the final. match which was afainst Olimpia of Paraguay. The grandstand was as green as the field which send a message of hope with which the players flied up their lungsd and lay bravely until thge end of the soccer battle which end up on the tired scored. They slit their heavy artillery over the panalty kicks and defeated the opponent. Escobar played showing matureness., therefore, he shoot and score the first kick. Escobar's football about which many complained was giving Colombia the most important cup of America for the first time. Escobar had the mentally of the champion.

Andres was generousd and an example to follow. He always wanted to help by showing the everyone could be what they wanted to, only if they had a clear goal. Additionaly, he erased from kids minds the image on criminals drawwing the image of a fighter. He left behind a set of footprints that kids desperate wanted to follow.

Andrés Escobar Saldarriaga's knight legancy will never leave Atletico Nacional fans fot generations to come. When I remember Escobar's soccer I think of Frank Bekenbauer. Also, Anrdés must be delighting heaven with his glorious soccer. Finally I think that Escobar spirit rest upon hooligans' zone. Andrés is my idol.

@ Nicolás Betancourt