What Cuadrado Taught Me


What I learned about Juan Guillermo’s life is that he have never gave up with his dream that was being a football player, during all his childhood, he had been victim of the war in Colombia; thus, his family has been a victim of this conflict. He never gave up during the situations he went through, not only in his childhood, but during the beginning of his football career, and he started being one of the most important players of Colombian national squad, and being part of one of the most important teams in all the B.P.L (Barclays premier league).

First of all, an example of not giving up during Juan Guillermo’s life was that he was born in town near the Caribbean sea called Necoclí on 28th of May, 1988. When he was only 4 years old his father died because he was shot at the entrance of his house, and his mother took all the responsibility of Juan Guillermo’s family, losing his father was a big loss, but he knew how to control the sadness, during that time Juan Guillermo was training football, but few years later her mother found job in other town called Apartadó. Juan Guillermo stayed in Necoclí with his grandmother separated of her mother but he was still playing football. What I learned during this time when he was a child of low resources is, that he always have a dream, or have something to put his efforts on it.

Afterward, Juan Guillermo’s mother was worried about the education of Juan Guillermo, because at the age of twelve years he moved to Cali alone, because a trainer called Nelson Gallego took him to be part of the youngest division of Deportivo Cali, during the time he was in Cali Juan Guillermo never neglected the studies which her mother was worried about it, these was the beginning of the career of Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, but before he came to Cali. Juan Guillermo out all the eggs in one basket when he went to Cali. Other thing that he show to us is you never have to give up and every golden opportunity that presents to you need to take them, because that opportunities are only once in all the life.

When he went to Medellín to be part of Deportivo Independiente Medellín football club. He started to be sought by the teams of the Italian football league much know as the Calcio. In the years of 2010 he went out of the country, but he wasn't eighteen years old, which is the age when people can get out of the country by themselves, that was other problem to Juan Guillermo, that was to be part of the Udinese who bought Juan Guillermo sport rights; however, Juan Guillermo went to Italy, but his adaptation to the club was not going well. When he had a bad time in Udinese he tried and never give up but unfortunately he couldn't do it, but he never surrounded because was his dream of being a football player he had a fast adaptation to the club. During this period he had a great pass through Lecce, product of his efforts and his illusion of being a football player, during one season Juan Guillermo moved to Fiorentina team which was very interested in him, a few season and leagues passed and Juan Guillermo was summoned to the national selection of Colombia; now he is proud of being the most important, and knew that all his efforts wich he made during all his life. He teach us that nobody can stop you if you have a dream or an objective to accomplish for your life.

 During all this text I showed what I learned of Juan Guillermo’s life is that you never have ti give up, an if you have a dream chase it no matter if is a difficult way ti do it, or the easiest, but you have to catch up, not only to be successful like Juan Guillermo, but to be happy of what are you doing, because that is part of being successful; otherwise, you will start to regret what you do, and not putting all your efforts on it, these person is an example of being happy an putting efforts on what you like and what you do, which make Juan Guillermo a successful person.

At the moment (2015) he is part of Chelsea F.C, and was pretended to be part of FC Barcelona, Manchester, Real Madrid, and Juventus, becuase all his effort were shown in the FIFA qualification, and in the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, who was an outstanding player during the cup and in the selection thatīs why he is part of Chelsea and was pretended or is pretended by great teams of Europe.

During his life he never gave up triyng to make his dream come true. He tried to be a great football player, and now he is one of them. All his life dreamed with being what he is doing now, and with all tha efforts that he made during all his life including the time that he was in Italy, now he is an emblematic player of Colombia.



  Nicolas Cubillos