A Triple jump from Apartado to the Top

Catherine Ibarguen is one of the most outstanding Colombian Athletes, since her first competitions at Apartado, Antioquia’s town where the Olympic athlete was born, Colombia knew lots of joys were coming. Her excellent performances in the discipline of triple jump made Colombians put in her lots of expectations. After closely following Catherine’s career, I have learned from her life valuable things. Catherine Ibarguen can teach you from how to face challenges by improving, to knowing the real value of important things in life. Despite the fact that her life was a rollercoaster of emotions, it let me several teachings for applying in my personal life.

Something I found interesting about Catherine´s life is the way in which she faces challenges, due to the fact that she is always looking to be the best. If she lost, she will just take the bull by the horns until she reached her goals. For example while she was training, if her opponents did eight laps to the field she will do ten. This motivates me to improve every time I have the chance, because it is an example of how does hard work gets well rewarded.

Also I found that she is a very clever person, because she did not just practice athleticism, but she also decided to go to the university. Although she was already a succesful athlete in the top of her career, she chose to study nursing in the Metropolitan University of Barranquilla. Her trainer and all her working group did not agree with the idea; however, she considered studying as important as the president´s job. She knew that time of her trainings was going to be sacrificed, but the intrigue of her life after her athletics career made her took the decision. This taught me that you must have clear what is important for life and for your future, even though you have a stable present.

I can say I also learned from Catherine to get involved with your working materials, while you learn more from them. Because her working materials are nothing more than her legs, she needed to have full control over them. She needed to know what is better for them; furthermore, know how they work. She uses to say that since your legs are the ones that tell you how to jump, you might know everything about them.

To sum up,
Catherine Ibarguen can teach you from how to face challenges by improving, to knowing the real value of important things in life. Teachings that I consider very valuable, because of the motivation and inspiration they have induced in me. I will personally like to apply the teachings I have learned in my personal life, but at the same time I invite you to do it. Catherine Ibarguen can be an inspiring model for everyone, and more than her legacy in Colombian sports history, her real legacy for me is in the items I was able to learn from her.