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A bad start

James David Rodríguez Rubio was born the 12 of July of 1991 on Cúcuta, Santander. James has 23 years old, he is 1, 80 meters tall and he weight 77kg. His mother is Pilar Rubio Jiménez and his dad is James Wilson. James was separated from his father at the age of 3 years old, because he failed to have the life that he wanted with James mother so he decided to leave home; consequently, he left his wife and his son. Since this, James takes distance from his dad and went to live from Envigado, Medellin to Ibague, Tolima. Although James and his father were separated something united them, the passion for soccer.

A star in its beginnings

Since he was 7 years old James imagined him playing in the biggest clubs of the world and making goals with the Colombian selection. James began playing soccer as a wheel of creation in Tolima child selection, and in other schools in the Jordan neighborhood always playing with the number 10 shirt. It was at the Academy of Tolima where James managed with his partners the Ponyfutbol title in Medellin at the age of 12 years old. At the age of 14 James played as a professional for his first time in Envigado F.C in the A tournament, although they declined the next year they won the B tournament and return to the A category. This led him join the sub-17 Colombian selection and he managed to play in the Corea World Cup of 2007 with them.

 A start in the Colombian selection

James began playing in the sub-20 Colombian selection as the capital in the South American sub-20 tournament in Peru; in addition, he was playing with the number 10 on his shirt. Thanks to James Colombia could win the tournament after beating France in a penalty shootout, and he was name the best player of the tournament. He was holder of the sub-20 Colombian selection in the World Cup sub-20 played it in Colombia on 2011; consequently, it was summoned to join the senior team. James played with the selection in the qualifiers and the World Cup in Brazil 2014 scoring 12 goals and 5 assists. In June 27 of 2014 James was named by FIFA as the best player of the group stage of the World Cup; in addition, he also won the award for the best goal of the World Cup with the goal he scored against Uruguay.

 The lucky teams

After James played professionally in Envigado F.C, C.A Banfield signed him for 2 years at the beginning of 2008. At the age of 18 years old James won the opening tournament of Argentina with Banfield being the youngest foreigner to win a championship in Argentina, and he had a great performance playing in the Copa Libertadores with this same team. For a 4 year contract of 5, 1 million of euros, James was transferred to the F.C Porto team the 6 of July of 2010. In 2011 James, next to the Porto, managed the UEFA Europa League and the Portugal SuperCup trophy and the 29 of September of 2011 James was premier as the scorer of the UEFA Champions League. By a contract of 5 years of 45 million of euros, James was transferred to the AS Monaco making him the second most expensive player of Colombia.

Nowadays of our 10

James currently plays for Real Madrid F.C since July 22 of 2014. With this team James has won the European Super Cup, the FIFA Club World Cup 2014 and the Spain Super Cup. James is married with the volleyball player and sister of David Ospina Daniela Ospina and they have a baby together name Salome born on May 29 of 2013. It is one of the best players in Colombia and he will be forever in history.

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