James Rodriguez...The best football player in the world.

James Biography

James is in my future

As I worked on this project and as I wrote the biography of James Rodriguez I have know things about him that I had no idea before. I trust that I can learn many things from James as a football player and as a normal person who fights for his dreams, but the question is "In what way will James Rodriguez success contribute to my future?"

Of all tha things I have learned from the success of James there are specially 3. The first thing I learned from James was to always move forward, so this means nothing can stop our team from winning the championship. James always looks forward when his father abandoned him, and he never stopped fighting for his dream of being a great football player. This was the first thing I learned from him, a good thing in my opinion.

The second thing I learn from James was the passes, the quality of the passes. James is noted for his passes since most of the times his passes help complete a goal when he does not make them. Sometimes they are not accurate, but when they are theyare great. As I want to be a football player too I learn a lot from James passes as they help me to be better.

The third and final thing I learned from James was that you should always give your best no matter what. In every James game he plays ,and not just in football, he always gives it his best, so he always takes the bull by the horns. However sometimes things do not work out, James gives his best and never give up. This is the thing I appreciate the most about him as a person and, in my opinion, of the most important things to be succesful.

In conclusion, the 3 things I learned from James and would help me in my future as a person and as a football player are always move forwardthe quality of the passes and give your best no matter what. I am one hundred percent sure that these new learning will be a breakthrought and a great help in y future and they would help my dreams come true.





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