Facts of Pambelé


Kid Pambele the Colombian succesful boxer that was well-known in Colombia.His full name is Antonio Cervantes, he was born in Palenque-Bolivar.He has been the most recognized in his times, because in 1979 at the gym of "Nueva Panama" he had the title of the world boxing; therefore,everyone that was watching the game had a lot of emotion and were very happy that never thought a Colombian athlete could win this amazing trophy.


Antonio Cervantes the firstr Colombian winner in the world boxing.He start boxing when he was a little kid watching the fights of Bernardo in which was a Colombia destacated on boxing.Bernardo Caraballo was faced with the Brazilian Eder in 1964 at the final to obtained the tropy, but he lost the figth and could not get to the top or to be the sportsman that the Colombians were wishing;however,Pambelé was amazed of this idol and start trainig very hard with dedication for boxing.The career of Cervantes start at Caracas by the help of the representative Ramiro Machado at the age of eighteen.His first 32 figths as professional,won 27,lose 27 and only get one tie;consequently Pambelé get so excited that continuous his career in a succesful way.

Dark days:

As his heyday,he also had bad days.Antonio Cervantes not only have bad days,but also he had the worst that significantly affect his live with a horrible memory.The principal factors that catch him as aperson was the alcohol and the drugs in which he was born in not a proper enviroment surrounding by thieves and addicts;therefore,was not a constructive person because despite of his addiction he presented during"Juegos Centroamericanos y del Caribe de 2006"a street figth with a spectator in the back of the field.After all the problems Kid Pambelé shows that this would not affect his life and start to rehabilitated for his benefits and for his family.

Influence on Colombia and figths

Kid Pambelé shows to the world that a simple and poor Colombian could rise and get to the victory for the purpose to lift the spirits of the Colombian.In all his career,he try to defend the titlte in which the times he defends the title was during three years;however,he lost in 6 of march 1976 with the Puerco Rican Wilfred Benitez, because of the decision of the judges after ending the game;despite both have been unbelievable on the figth that nobody give up.In 1980 Cervantes retired personal reasons;however,his life was not sustained so he decided to go back and bring off the economic stability.The significance of his achievement bring off to Colombia the important recognition of being the best welter junior in the history,in 2000 was declared the boxer of the century by the Colobian boxing federation in which AMB give him the special commemorative belt.So for thsi reason Antonio give to the country the happiness,the hope and the trophies that many Colobians were wishing to have.

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Why Pambele is heroe

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