Pambele the great gold of life

Athletes are an inspiration to everyone in the world either motivating them for pride to his country or to find in them an example to follow, but in Colombia the sports that inspired people are the only found in soccer or cyclism; however, this case is not a influence on me because I found my inspiration in the great Colobian boxer "Kid Pambelé"; therefore, I want to explained 3 main characteristics or tips that his Colobian athlete can teach me how to get a succesful life.

First of all, Antonio Cervantes described as agreat boxer and asuccessful man despite of his difficult life as a poor boy. He shows how important were to make a strong and a difficult effort for somenthing that probably was impossible to achieve. In this way it doesn't compare to the tons that carry Kid Pambelé;therefore,Pambelé teach in a inderect way that define the future of someone is not depending on the present but the way you get to the future depending on how much you get to effort for somenthing you want to achieve. The way he demonstrated that a poor boy could get to the unimaginable journey by striving blows my mind.

Another thing that Pambelé give me a reason to take to account his great succesful life was not falling down when the time are difficult.The reason why this inspired me to know what to achiewve on life is how I become successful because its not the same getting only benefits with shiny and colourful day,but also getting the dark times and difficult days in which not falling down and give all yourself with positive emotions can turn the success life in somenthing that can be learned for the better way.

Finally Pambel shows me a reason on following the passion of my future.Antonio Cervantes was a child that was extremely poor that taking to account a professional life to support his family wasn't great idea to follow the sport because the money will be more influence on people with intellectual career.

In conclusion, for me this Colombian boxer shows me that following the passion is the best way to achieve a succesful life with the base on what I really like, but with a constant effort so that passion would make things work and I can reach my goals.

Copyrigth: Manuel Felipe Merchan Caceres 2015