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Why Pambele is my heroe

Facts about Pambele

 Pambele, the man that become history for Colombia

San Basilio de Palenque, Bolívar, 23 de diciembre de 1945

Two-time world junior welterweight champion.

He had twenty world title bouts , keeping the 140-pound title for almost eight years

He spent his childhood and adolescence where life difficult experiment between his hometown and Chambacú popular neighborhood of Cartagena de Indias
During his childhood, Kid Pambele had to work selling cigarettes and cleaning shoes.
His first 32 professional fights were in Colombia where he won 27, lost four and tied one.
He had great success in Colombia, but had to be penalized by the Colombian Federation in which his career had to continue in Venezuela in 1968 of December 25.
The October 28, 1972 , Antonio Cervantes won the first world title by knocking out Colombia boxing in ten rounds to Frazer in the New Gym Panama City Panama.
In total , Cervantes made ​​twenty world title bouts , of which eighteen were for defense of his world title because I wanted to have a record in global fights and get a flawless title . He was champion at 140 pounds for nearly eight years.
During the Central American and Caribbean Games 2006 to be held in Cartagena, Pambelé staged a street fight against a spectator when both were preparing to enter the stadium to watch a baseball game.

The biography of Antonio Cervantes published in this page is going to talk about the many adventures and mysteries that becomes from a black and poor Colombian to the biggest, famous and important Colombian international and national wide. Also is going to be pronounce the achievement that kid Pambele gets during his career as professional; however also is taking to account the dark days in which Antonio Cervantes have to suffer for getting and excellent and grateful life represented to the world.

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