Success will never come when someone gives up trying to reach it. Success is primarily a result of the effort people puts in. The one who has the greatest amount of hard work, dedication, and skills, will be the one who becomes most successful. Mariana Pajon is a very good example of successful people, and example not only of a successful woman but also of a woman with an enormous heart. Studying her life, I learned three important things about Mariana Pajon.

The first thing I learned about Mariana Pajon is the ability that this amazing woman has to achieve her goals at a bery early age. The thing she loves the most when she was a little girl was bicycles, then she discovered BMX. Despite the fact most of her family did not want her to take up this sport, she did it. Mariana got her first national medal at the age of fivce and her first international medal at the age of nine. This fact shows me that everyone can achieve their goals in a very early age; moreover, I really like the way in which she motivates people to do what they like and not be swayed by other people´s opinion, how she sis not only teaches people how to achieve goals earlier but to follow our dreams, my dreams.

The second thing I learned about Mariana is her ability to help people with low income, people that do not have enough things and supplies to survive. Mariana has a foundation in which she helps people by donating different supplies for kids and adults, also she goes to different towns and talk to kids in which she teaches how to follow their dreams and how could the achieve this dreams and be successful. I really like this thing about Mariana Pajon, she is as sweet as a baby bear when we are talking of helping people.


The last thing I learned about Mariana Pajon and I think the one I like the most is that she is a very strong woman and that she accepts things as they are. One example of this was on the Pan-American games that took place in 2015. She was ready for her race (she was in the mood of the moment), her bicycle was anxious to compete. Mariana started pedaling, and in one of the most dangerous obstacles, Mariana felt down. She was disappointed about it but she said that there were more opportunities and no matter what happenes, people always have to accept things and begin all over again. This teach me to not surrender, that I can felt down a hundred times but I have to get up another thousand more, I love the fact this situation makes me feel strong as a woman and as a person.

Thereby I learned three things abput this amazing BMX rider that is always on target, the first one that I can achieve my goals ata  very early age because goals are made to fulfill them. The second thing is to help people with low resources. And the third one an the most important to me is to be a strong woman and accept things as they are, no matter what happens I have a lot of opportunities in front of me. Maybe with this I should put on practice all about Mariana Pajon the Atomic Ant.



© Maria Alejandra Saavedra-2015