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The sky is the limit

Nairo Alexander Quintana Rojas was born in the middle of a humble, but wonderful context on July 4 of 1990.  A pleasing village named "La Concepcion" located at Boyaca, (Colombia), had the privilege of seeing the future cycling legend in his earlier years.    He used to lived in a blue and small house in which a shop named "Supermercado La Villita" function.    Between hills, prairies and pines Nairo was instructed at life subject.
His father name is Luis Quintana and her mother Eloisa Reyes.   His father suffer an accident when Nairo was 7 years old and after fourteen surgeries remain lame, with the hip destroyed.    In the other hand, Eloisa is a humble potato soup seller, that had the necessity of going out to won daily life challenge.

Nairo got his first bike when he was fifteen years old, because of his few resources it was a second-hand one, which he use to cover the 16 kilometers to school.   Since, Nairo start riding that bike his father noticed his son's talent for this sport.    It's important to say the track to Alejandro Humbolt school had 8% slopes, so Nairo after some time get used to those extreme difficult paths.    He have a brother named Dayer Quintana (professional cyclist), and a sister named Esperanza Quintana with the ones went up to school everyday.    Nairo's wife is named Yaime Paola Hernandez with the one he has a daughter named Mariana.

After telling to his father (Luis), he could endure the high slope toward the professional cyclists who train in the zone, Luis decided to buy him a better bicycle.   From that day on Nairo was passionate for this sport, consequently he enter to "Club deportivo Ediciones Mar de Tunja", where he made the first steps against the goal of being a professional cyclist, but his dream was almost frustrated when an accident leave him in comma for 5 days.   Then, he entered to the team "Boyaca es para vivirla", one of continental category (third division), where he debuted whit 19 years in 2009.     Afterwards, Vicente Belda, when seeing the excellent effort test hire Nairo and invite him to take part in his team.
During that year he participated in some European tests at the UCI, being the best sub'23 in "Vuelta a la Comunidad de Madrid", was escaped a lot of time at "Circuito Montañès", and after participating in "Clàsica de Ordicia" and, "Circuito de Guecho", he experienced his best performance at Subida a Urkiola: in which he  end in seven place at 36 s behind the winner Igor Antòn.    In September he act in the two editions of "sub-23 del Mundial de Mendrisio":  in wich at the counterclockwise finish 26º, and in the route test finish second.

In the year 2010 he passed to the team "Cafè de Colombia-Colombia es Pasiòn", in wich he won "Tour el Porvenir".     In 2011 his team ascend to second division (professional continental), so many doors to various carers of higher level were open.    In 2012 he jumped to the elite circuit after signing with Movistar team.    Few months later he win the "Vuelta a Murcia" and arrives second in the "Vuelta a la Comunidad de Madrid".    Although, in june he win his first tittle at a world tour competence "Criterium del Dauphine", regardless of his 36 place at the "Vuelta a España", he win the "Giro the Lombardìa" and the "Giro the Emilia".     Nairo start the year 2013 running small careers such as the "Vuelta a Andalucìa" and the "Vuelta a Murcia",  subsequently he run Niza-Paris and the "Volta a Cataluña" ending in fifteen and fourth place respectly.     His most important achievement till that moment would be the first place obtain at the "Vuelta al Paìs Vasco".    In addition, he debuted in the "Tour of  France", making an exceptional work and obtaining the second place, moreover he catch the shirt of dots.     Finally, he obtain the triumph in the "Vuelta a Burgos".      In the year 2014 he would obtain the first place in the "Giro de Italia" and the second victory of the "Vuelta a Burgos", but unfortunately he had to abandoned the "Vuelta a España".   To conclude, he won the "Tirreno Adriatico" career.

Nairoman, Kingtana or the some times call "El Condor", has nowadays the dream of returning to "El morral" in "Vereda La Concepciòn" and sleep again on his bed, drink  milk just milked, and see his beautiful hidden girlfriend.    Nairo has shape the glorious present of Colombia sport pulled by the influence of his family and specially his daugther on his life.      Without doubts Nairo is an enormous influence on Colombians image to the world, also he establish a social foundation to help help and support talented guys who want to be cyclists but their resources won't let them.      Despite he promoted Colombian tourism he also donated economical resources to poor child in the depressed areas of his birth departament.

Sebastian Melo Vega

Big Dreams construct great ideas

"La vida me ha sonreido"

                        -Nairo Quintana