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A gladiator in the adversity jungle

Despite the endless difficulties life has placed him and the ones he had overcome, Nairo Quintana remains a

humble and simple man; moreover, he, by the channel of effort, hope, and blushing attitude has reach the

tittle of the humble golden scarab. Furthermore, his main attribute beyond his infinite nobility is his ability

to share success with the youngest and his parents. The exhaustive research done with Nairo’s character

leave me a lot, so many, of new inputs to achieve successful. Nairo as a horse riding to conquer the top

of a cliff, has defeat the group of difficulties-accidents through his charm and personal qualities, also he

had sub-due life obstacles in such many times that a normal human would be asking repetitively for a time out.


Nairos’s 1, 67 meters height are multiplied when of sharing is being talked. This sense of solidarity can be

illustrated by the foundation he established with the purpose of helping kids run out of resources who want

to be someday the next Nairo. In the past future when Nairo was at the early age of seven years a man

and his father whose name is luis Quintana saw the hades underworld near him, consequently he had to

support 14 surgeries that remain him lame, but with the hip destroyed; however this would not impede

Luis to stop giving economical support to his sons, and bought Nairo his fist bike at the age of fifteen years

old. This clearly shows Nairo’s solidarity, and compromise comes from his parent’s values formation.


Searching for information about Nairo's life was supposed to be a normal, daily entertaining process, but

then it turned to be for me a transcendental life acknowledgment, and an extremely life inner fulfill issue.

When hearing Nairo talking about his duties when young I can notice how please he is to be who he is.

Some of those mountains that fall over him and buried him for a while were: a disease he had few months

after being birth, the one that leave him as an empty space without life. After that, his father had an accident,

moreover, I can notice he had a very sacrificed childhood. He said in a question a journalist ask him about

his life when young: “Es muy triste ponerse a sacar bultos en una plaza, es de ponerse a llorar”.


Having read so much about his first, humble, and meaningful bicycle he used for those extremely difficult

paths with slopes of almost 9%. I started to think that the bicycle was telling me, shouting me, and even

hitting me, so that I realize how big his effort was and how humble his context too.


In addition, I’ll tell you about Nairo's amazing trait of never forgetting his roots and single nature. Nairo is

a simple-heart guy, guide by emotions and marked by persistence, in efect Nairo has been giving support

to his parents as far as he grow in his profession. Nairo, in one of those attemps to achieve support to his

parents was at the last stage of “Tour de France” 3 minutes behind Christopher Froome. It look like if

all possibilities of winning were over, but he took the bull by the horns and attacked, putting all his effort

in each clutching. People were out of boxes, euphoric, mind blown, and Nairo, knowing he was lifting 48

millions of Colombians hearts was going uphill with an ear to ear smile.


To conclude, after a deep biking through Nairo's wonderful person, I can say society is stood toward a hero.

I was inspired by him, because his extreme effort overcoming all type of obstacles for his career, but much

more important for his family; his sense of responsibility when he never miss a school class, regardless if he

went rolling down a hill; his sense of solidarity when helping guys in the same context he was when younger;

and also his maintenance of humble nature companied by his firm maintenance of roots are the traits that let

me dream with a high percentage of believer that  Nairo is a hero.


Big Dreams construct great ideas