What I learned from Rigo.

Rigoberto Uran has been one of the most recognized Colombian sportsmen, showing us that everything in life is achieved with hard work, dedication and perseverance. He taught me great lessons. Among the most prominent are the courage it took to face life alone and still very young work to support his mother , his sister and himself. He choosed to do what he really liked that was cycling and persevere to move ahead and be one of the best in the sport. Uran, who has broken almost every bone in his body has been persistent in achieving its ideals and has gained many achievements that today are glories for our country.


Rigoberto Uran says “don’t look back", just continue with your life in spite of what happens. His father was murdered when he was very young but he moved ahead and chased his dreams, life does not stop, it does not stop and does not give enough time to go back, go steadily and strengthened by adversity to achieve worthwhile goals. This made Rigoberto to achieve many successes.


Rigoberto did what he liked passionately and proud to represent his country and dedicated to prepare himself to give everything to be the best.
His falls had made him strong, they gave him encouragement to stand and continue with more dedication. It is how this valuable climber was formed. Today the world knows him and everybody support him, now that he got this far we know it has cost a lot, but is he willing to continue moving forward.

Before dying, his father before dying told him to work honestly to earn money. He became the protector of his family, working to sustain them but also to show them that it is good to dream and dreams are fulfilled. He came to the world to be great and give us an example of excellence, honesty and courage. His job is not easy, is hard and requires effort and sacrifice but Rigoberto remembered that his father taught him to work to obtained great things and now he does it better than ever. I work for his personal success, for a team and for all of us Colombians.


 Rigoberto Uran let me clear that definitely I need to do things right, that  I have to fight to become a warrior of life for my ideals, give it my best shot and never throw in the towel. I am encouraged to be braver in adversity of life and that everything has a price that is dedication, desire and courage to achieve success.



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