Fernando Botero

Botero was born on April 19, 1932 in Medellin Known as Galvan, within the family formed by David Botero, Flora Angulo and his brother four years older, Juan David. He was born in 1936 his younger brother, Rodrigo, and his father. He has helped the Colombian society, and is and excellent person.

From 1938 he studied in elementary and high school Antioquia Ateneo in Bolivariana, and was recognized for  his wonderfull works, and innovation. He is a great example for me and he has always, been a great example for me.
In 1944 attended a school for bullfighters in the Plaza de La Macarena in Medellin, with the banderillero 'Aranguito' at the request of an uncle, who did not imagine that his true vocation was painting. He had a mishap with the bulls, which caused him to leave them. It is noteworthy that during that period he made his first work, a watercolor of a bullfighter.

In 1952 with money received for the prize and the sale of some of his works, Botero moved out to Europe on the Italian ship DiMare Use, which left from the port of Buenaventura in the Colombian Pacific. He arrived to Spain, first to Barcelona and then set to Madrid, where he enrolled at the Academy of Art in San Fernando where he ensured his future, drawing and painting outside the Museo del Prado.

What did I learn from Botero?

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