Fernando the great : What I learned from Botero

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For me, it is a golden opportunity to make this essay from my hero. Fernando Botero is a great Colombian painter.
There have been many good painters from Colombia, but he has something special. Fernando Boteros style, repre
sentationts and innovation can be a great tool, and a help for my future as a painter, adding  to that persintance, te
chnique and passion for my work. Fernando was born in Medellin and had rough promebls in his early years. His p
arents always adviced him, but did not believe in his ideas and techniques.

One of the most argued and spectacular things that Botero has given to the world is his style of his extree fatness
in his drawings and sculptures. Honestly, I don't want to be a sculptor, but a painter. Considering this his style teach
es me teo mainly and important things. Innovate an be sure of what i am doing. That style was out of the frequent p
atterns of drawing on his time.

Everyday situations were not important for some, and had no relevance at all. Fernando cared not only about himself, but
of everyone that also had necessities. Specially in Colombia, there are lots of needs and sufferings, that are ignored
by the authority, and abussed by the public. Botero paints situations in wich people see red. Situations that force pe ople to do things, not very suitable, in oreder to subsist. This teaches me personally that I should never forget were
I come from, and that using my talents or skills, I should protest and try to cure the illnesses my country suffers. I don't only want to be succesfull, but to help and make good acts for those who need it, using your mind and
printing on those actions the passion we put on our activities. Fernando did not only protest but also donated impor
tant sums of money to foundations of needed peolple in Colombia.

I can define his new style, as pure innovation. This is the third thing I really learned from him. Basically if I dont in the
novate in my activities, then I will be as a poster that isnt exposed, one alterative more, one painter more. Innovation
involvesmany things, and with a little of passion it can vaulea a future and secure success. I have to innovate, to create
new things. This way my ideas will be for sure successful.

In conclusion, Fernando Botero has been an idol for me. Not only his art, but his acts and his attitude will be for sure
a great example and a great tool to be a famous painter, and an excellent person. Following his steps, I will achieve m
y objectives. He tries to see everything black or white, and I like that. Fernando, who has won a lot of prizes, does no t loses humility, and also I love that. This and more, is why I call him Fernando The Great.

© 2015 Alfredo Carvajalino