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Giancarlo Mazzanti


Giancarlo Mazzanti is one of the most important known Colombian Architects in the world. He has won many important awards trhoughout his career. Some of the most important works of Mazzanti are in Medellin; however, some other buildings are stated in Bogota.

Giancarlo was name like that because of his gra paren His grandfather was born in French , and his grandmother was born in Italy. They came to Colombia years ago to cnic57kii the French and Italian back that use to worked in Barranquilla. Nowadays they are four generations of Mazzantis living in Colombia , and a big part of them are established in Barranquilla.

Giancarlo Mazzanti was born in Barranquilla in a very prestigious hospital of the city . He was born in 1963 , and nowadays he is 52 years old . He become a bachelor in a small school, but he studied architecture at the Javeriana university. After graduating of the university(1989) , he decided to study in Italy (1991). There, he studied the history of architecture and mastered his skills.

  His first work was at the age of 28, and was a church in Bogota. Since that moment Colombians discovered that Giancarlo Mazzanti is one of the best architect of the history. Nowadays Giancarlo is the owner of many national and international awards. in 2006 he wan the X Biennial of architecture, and in 2008 because of his international and national work, he became the best architecture of South America.        What I learned from Giancarlo

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