Giancarlo Massanti is a very important man      for Colombia!!

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                   What I learned

"He came from the future", was the first thing I thought when I saw his work. I was not totally wrong about it. For me Giancarlo Mazzanti is the most successful architect ever born in Colombia, because he has won many international awards that recognize his work as the closest to perfection. However, that is not the only reason why for me he is the best, because I do not only focus on the prizes and awards he has won. I also think he is a successful person because everything what he studied for was not in vain. Nowadays Giancarlo Mazzanti enjoys many privileges for his great and hard work. One of them is being the God of Colombian Architecture.

He designs buildings that are not similar to others, because if he does it in that way, he and his work wouldn't be remembered by anyone. When he is designing something, but he thinks that his work is not going to change the way a city looks, he goes back to the drawing board. Giancarlo is very strict with his work, he knows that the reason why the present exist is only for changing the future; therefore, he puts a lot of effort in all his designs. Thanks to this, I will try to change the future with every little peace of work I make since this moment.

Another thing I learned from him is that doing what you love is really important. Giancarlo's parents are not architects, they used to be certified public accountants of a Colombian bank. A lot of time ago, in Colombia, you were forced to study what your parents thought was best for you. One of the reasons why Giancarlo Mazzanti is such a great architect is because he is like a spoiled kid, with this I mean he only does what he likes to. In the moment I understood his point, the muscles of my face start stiffening with a big horse smile.

Giancarlo's designs are unique. Once in a blue moon, a common architect makes a design that looks as great as one daily drawing of Mazzanti. His work not only looks great from the outside, it needs to look great from the inside too. Because of this, every time someone sees one of his buildings, the architecture piece (the building) starts calling the person by his first name, in order to call his attention. However, Giancarlo knows that the perfection is only a collection of errors, that's why he studied so hard.

In conclusion, Giancarlo Mazzanti is a real life model. From him I learned that the reason why the present exists is only for changing the future, that doing what you love is really important, and that a perfect work not only looks great from the outside, it needs to look great from the inside too. Giancarlo is a person that faced many difficulties all around his life; however, the love that he has to his work is so large that he could go over the difficulties and make his dreams real.

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