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The Freedom of Alejandro Obregón

Alejandro Obregón was one of the most important artists in Colombia. He was born in Barcelona, Spain the 4 of June 1920 and died in Cartagena, Colombia. Alejandro fought for his freedom and remained captive in his dreams. He was Spanish, but he truly felt Colombian. The person whom hes was grateful for his love for the Colombian culture, atmosphere and landscapes was his father.

One of the reasons why he was free is that he was born in Spain, but he felt Colombian. I admire his thinking, because it encourages me to find my true self, even though i have different roots, i want to live in another country and have another chance to make my life, and also to live it like there´s no other opportunity. The thing in which Alejandro found inspiration was this country and i want to find mine in another one.

Alejandro studied arts in different countries in the world, while his father wanted him to study something related to Ptreoleum Engineering. He worked in Ctatumbo and helped his father when they started living here in Colombia, but he didn't like it. Animals and landscapes talked to him and said that his dream career was art. I want to take this example. I do not care if somebody tells me to study something; instead, i will study what i want. I will follow my dreams just as Alejandro did. I will take the bull by the horns, and work hard to achieve my goals.

The last reason why i want to take Alejandro Obregón as an example for my life is that he didn't mind critic sayings, because he expressed the way he wanted to and how he wanted to. I want to take this example for my life, because i want to act as i am; conquently, i want to be me with my family, friends, and new people i will meet. He said "The artist kills the critic", and he is telling the truth, because we have to have our freedon expressing freely.

I want to make a recommendation to all you people who want to be free and i will speak directly to them. Please follow your dreams and do not mind other people's comments about you. Be free and fins inspiration in simple things just as Alejandro Obregón. Follow his early years and his successful career, because you will learn a lot about him and how he expressed himself without minding negative comments.

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