Building a New Colombia

with Rogelio Salmona

Things really important to learn



Every one wants to live their life, but at the end most of them do not feel successful. I think be successful goes further than having a higher level of living or having a lot of money; instead, in my opinion been successful is feeling happy with what you have done and do not regrets about the things you have done even if they were mistakes, because you will learn from them. A person we can learn from a lot of things from to become successful is Rogelio Salmona. After having read things about him I have learnt a lot of things, but there are three things that impact me the most. 


Before my interest for any kind of art awoke, I use to think that everyone had to be the same and we all had the same ideas. For me all the buildings were just buildings, but after I decided to open my mind to the world and to different things, I could realize that art is all we can see around and we will never see something exactly the same as other one. According to the Oxford dictionary art is "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power". Having in mind this definition, I can say that Rogelio is an exceptional architect, because his work is often different and representative. Usually, because of the use of red brick and some natural shapes (like spirals), radial geometry and a lot of curves in his designs, and also his basic idea was to use new materials and designs but, without forgetting about the old ones, because of this his creation, his buildings, look different and in my opinion this fact is what makes him get a lot of architecture prices. So the first thing I learn from Rogelio Salmona is that doing different things makes a work more personal, so it becomes original and unique. In other words being creative and spontaneous will help you be successful.


Almost for everyone, traveling is a synonymous of relax and have fun, but for Rogelio Salmona traveling is a waste of time if you didn't learn something new. When he was studying, his father decided to send him to France so he could learn more. Le Corbusier with whom Rogelio Salmona study and work during 10 years, was one of the most recognize architects since 1920. In 1953, Rogelio Salmona travelled through the southern of France, Spain and the north of Africa learning history. During his trip, he got interest in the Islamic brick work of Spain and North Africa. This interest he create will become further in his inspiration. Having in mind this fact, the second thing I could learn from Rogelio was the that getting to know different realities from yours can help you reach your goals, and the only way to do this is by traveling.


Doing what you don't like is the same as eating a food you are allergic to. Every one have a hobby, something you like to do. For example my hobby is to draw, take photographs and listens to music. If I do what I like, I will always do it with all my heart, and I will never get tire of it and never throw in the towel, that is the third thing I could learn from Rogelio Salmona. When he got out of school he has decided to study architecture, because that was what he liked. He was very enthusiastic and interested on architecture, so I think that is one of the reasons he became successful. In conclusion, working in what you like will never be a job, so you will never stress up and so you will live happy and plasant. On the other hand if you work only for money you will not be up to par, because money can't buy happiness. 


Finally I admire Rogelio Salmona, because his creations are inspired in different cultures, and always have something natural like a little lake or green areas, and almost all of his buildings are on public areas where everyone can pass time in. Other thing I admire from him is the fact that he makes Colombia a more beautiful place with his buildings and originals designs. So Rogelio Salmona is a successful man everyone could learn a lot of things from.

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